Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner

Clean glass, mirrors and hard surfaces without leaving anything behind–like harsh chemical fumes or residue. Our natural glass & surface cleaner is the natural way to get a streak-free clean. The biodegradable plant and mineral-based ingredients work as well as traditional cleaners to cut through filmy residue. NZFSA C31 approved for ALL food areas and Environmental Choice Certified

Product Details & Use

Formulated to be diluted with cold water (as per Environmental Choice certification) as follows:- 5:1 for normal duty cleaning 10:1 for an all surfaces Spray & Wipe Directions for Use Spray directly onto surfaces to be cleaned and then wipe clean with a soft cleaning cloth. New Zealand Food Safety Authority C31 approved for all food areas including where food is being consumed.

Available in:- 5 & 20 litre concentrates. 750mls spray bottles supplied empty.


Product Data Sheet                NZ Food Safety Certificate           MSDS





GreenEarth Solutions last up-dated October 2014