Natural House Wash

An ecologically sound, environmentally conscious, house wash cleaner, formulated to quickly penetrate, emulsify and remove light to medium soils. Our natural House Wash Cleaner cuts grease, grime and dirt as well as traditional cleaners. But because it's made from plants and minerals it leaves no harsh chemical fumes or residue. Super concentrated to be used in conjunction with water blasters. Environmental Choice Certified

Product Details & Use

Formulated to be diluted with cold water (as per Environmental Choice certification) as follows:-5:1 for normal duty cleaning 10:1 for light duty cleaning Directions for Use Normally used in either a 5 litre pressure spray pack or for comercial use a power driven water blaster is used.

Available in:- 5 & 20 litre concentrates. 750mls spray bottles supplied empty.


Product Data Sheet           MSDS






GreenEarth Solutions last up-dated October 2014