Eco-Friendly HVAC Cleaning Solutions

Most of the HVAC cleaning solutions on the market contain chemicals and other materials that are hazardous to people and the environment. They are effective in doing their primary job of cleaning. However, they leave a long-lasting impact on the environment. There is a better way, though, with our eco-friendly HVAC cleaning products.

The HVAC products in our range are just as effective as standard, chemical-based cleaning products. The difference with our products is the materials used to manufacture them, as all the materials used in our products are natural and biodegradable.

Now you can get the HVAC and industrial cleaning solutions that you and your customers are looking for.

Manufactured in New Zealand

GreenEarth is proud that our range of environmentally friendly HVAC products is developed and manufactured here in New Zealand. They are also Environmental Choice NZ certified.

When you choose our products, you can rely on their quality and levels of performance, in addition to the customer service you’ll receive from our team. Our products are sold through a network of distributors across the country – find your closest distributor today.


HVAC Products

Coil Cleaner

Greenleaf Evaporator Coil Cleaner is the perfect first step in improving compressor efficiency. Coil Cleaner has a heavy-duty foam that cleans heating and refrigeration coils, fins, and fan blades. As the foam breaks down, it carries away dirt, dust, grease, oil and other residue.

It has a safe biodegradable non-acidic formula it can be used indoors making it highly suitable for cleaning refrigeration units in shopping malls, food shops, supermarkets, butchers and wet fish shops. Greenleaf coil cleaner will not corrode coils and is safe to use on surrounding metals and other HVAC equipment components.

Cooling coils trap dust, soil, grime and other troublesome deposits that reduce the heat transfer efficiency of HVAC units. This build-up interferes with proper system operations.

Greenleaf Coil Cleaner effectively removes accumulated build-up, restores operating efficiency and prepares the unit for the control of harmful organisms with Greenleaf Aquacide QLF Microbiocide. Greenleaf Coil Cleaner effectively cleans and deodorizes evaporator coils, heating coils, condenser coils, window units, air filters, blowers, and other dirty HVAC components. Greenleaf Coil Cleaner is safe for all metals, including aluminum.

Filter Cleaner

When permanent air filters become clogged with dirt and soot, air flow is restricted. Cleaning restores designed air flow and it provides for cleaner air.

Greenleaf biodegradable filter cleaner is a mild solvent surfactant cleaner degreaser suitable for cleaning washable air conditioning air filters and filter pads. Mildly alkaline to dissolve grease and dirt. Also suitable for cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust ducting filters.

Foam-Brite Condenser Cleaner

Foam-Brite Condenser Cleaner is a heavy-duty alkaline foam that cleans heating and refrigeration coils, fins and fan blades. As the foam breaks down, it carries away dirt, dust, grease, oil and other residue. Cleans heating and cooling coils, fins and fan blades

Use on refrigerators, window and whole-house air conditioners, roof top HVAC units, auto radiators, air-cooled equipment, small condenser and evaporator coils, metal filters, etc. Formulated for industrial, institutional and commercial maintenance.

Does not contain acids.

Bio-Clean Cleaner Degreaser

NZ Food Safety Authority approved all purpose industrial strength cleaner. Sold as a concentrate dilutes 10:1 for general cleaning. Removes grease, oils & diesel from driveways, cleans any surface including stoves, barbeque’s, engines, floors, walls, toilets, bathrooms, vinyls, carpet stains, bench tops, plastics, glass, boat & car wash.

The powerful all purpose cleaner & degreaser with the added cleaning, deodorising and disinfecting power of natural eucalyptus oil. Sold as a concentrate to save you money. Suitable for cleaning almost all surfaces.

(This is our main cleaner used on all surfaces when stronger cleaning is required. It competes against the likes of other popular overseas-made cleaners  yet stronger, cleaner, and locally made)

Coil & Duct Disinfectant

An all-in-one spray that disinfects all air-conditioning ducting surfaces and coils while also deodorising with Hospital Grade Eucalyptus fragrance.

Kills disease causing bacteria as well as mould, fungi and mildew. Also helps to cure bad odours and sick building syndrome.

A blend of deodoriser and EPA Registered Hospital Grade Quat Disinfectant that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses.

Safe to use on all surfaces and leaves a long lasting pleasant deodorising fragrance.

Bubble Leak Detector

GreenEarth Bubble Leak Detector Pinpoints both small and large leaks from any pressurised gas system easily and quickly clings to all surfaces.

Apply full strength and bubbles will appear at location of gas leak. Low pressure leaks will produce smaller and slower forming bubbles.

Formulation does not contain any corrosives and is safe to use on all metals.

Ice Machine Cleaner

GreenEarth Ice machine cleaner is a biodegradable cleaner that is specially formulated for removing scale deposits from ice machines having nickel-plated or tin-plated evaporators.

High performance ice machine cleaner and powerful scale remover Environmentally friendly- leaves no acidic residue, eliminating the risk of hazardous liquid spills Nickel safe, fast acting, easy to use. Has maximum scale removing power, and increases ice machine efficiency Easy to use whilst providing a thoroughly clean machine. Sold as a concentrate.

Moss & Mould Remover

No need for water blasting or scrubbing to remove algae, lichen, moss and black spots without any hard work. The active ingredients work by killing the biological growth of moss and mould allowing natural weathering to do the rest.

Moss & Mould Remover is safe to use on all exterior surfaces and is gentle enough to use near mature plants, pets and people.

Supa Sorb

Easy to use. Simply pour over mess and scoop up once the crystals turn into a gel.

Absorbs and gels vomit, blood, urine, hot & cold drinks and most liquids for a quick and easy clean up contains an odour counteractant to deodorise even the strongest odours.  Supa-Sorb is non-toxic and made from biodegradable products making it safe to use.

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