Whiteboard Cleaner

Great for use on whiteboard as well as digital writting surfaces, monitors or screens.

Foaming Hand Sanitiser

Our foaming hand sanitiser is made from natural, renewable, and biodegradable ingredients, so it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or other hazardous substances. It also doesn’t contain alcohol.It is a highly effective hand sanitising solution,killing the germs and bacteria that cause Ecoli,

No Rinse Sanitiser

Our no-rinse sanitiser is the ideal choice for businesses and locations that want to sanitise various surfaces. Great for benches, tables, door handles, and other surfaces where hands come in contact.

Antibacterial Liquid Soap

Now Antibacterial! Effective to kill 99% of bacteria and germs while leaving your hands feeling soft and clean.

House Wash

Our house wash cleaner has been specifically formulated to cut through the grease, grime, dirt, and dust that builds up on the outside of New Zealand houses. Perfect for cleaning many areas on the exterior of your home. Ideal for walls and roofing of various materials.

Glass Cleaner

Our Glass Cleaner is suitable for all types of glass, including mirrors. It is also highly effective on other hard surfaces. It leaves glass and similar surfaces sparkling with a streak-free clean, plus it’s just as effective as traditional harsh chemical cleaners.

Toilet Cleaner

Our Eco Certified Toilet Cleaner is a highly effective for toilets in commercial and high-traffic environments. It is specially formulated to be just as effective as traditional harsh chemical Toilet Cleaners. Leaves toilet bowls clean and smelling fresh from nasty odours.

Bathroom Cleaner

Our Bathroom Cleaner has been formulated to effectively cut through soap scum, hard water, and rust. It also removes lime scale and kill germs. Contains a pleasant Alpine fragrance to remove any nasty odours.

Floor Cleaner

Our Floor Cleaner has a neutral pH to ensure it is safe on all floor surfaces. Removes grime and marks without streaking to leave behind a slip-free floor. It also deodorizes with a pleasant Orange fragrance.

Supa Sorb

Easy to use. Simply pour over mess and scoop up once the crystals turn into a gel. Absorbs and gels vomit, blood, urine, and most liquids for a quick and easy clean up contains an odour counteractant to deodorise even the strongest odours.